\'perhaps the most tellling indicator of the true plight of our species is that fact that as a man there are places I cannot go unless I am collared, cuffed, and sometimes tied.

the myth of patriarchy

If even the most senior men in the world have to be collared, cuffed and tied in public - then how can this be a patriarchy? Even though they are fabric now, a collar and cuffs means only one thing.

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My be-wildering blog

Read about my quiet treasures of re-wilding/un-collaring in my blog, as well as other matters from the whimsical to the profound.

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Are we really top mammal?

As I peer into the faces, eyes and spirits of those I pass each day, I ask myself - is this the top mammal that ascended to mastery of this planet? I see the downcast gaze or the smug self-importance and shake my head and walk on...

The Wrong Shapes

Shapes become characters. Characters become words. Words become thoughts and the very tools of expression of our deepest experiences and ideas. The basic shapes we were taught are wrong. The implications this has on thought, expression and integral mind are staggering. Find out the real basic shapes today...

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How you behave and react in the world is based on how you interpret it. How you interpret it is based on how you perceive it. If you change how you perceive it, all the rest must and will change. Lift veils on your perception and reclaim your natural power and presence at this (literally) eye-opening event in Leicester on December 20th 2015.

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Join me in the new year for a course in true Character Development in all meanings of the words as we delve into decoding the alphabet and revealing what this incredible symbolset of expression is, and how it works. Contact me if you are interested. All budgets catered to. I also have FREE fonts with all uplifted characters - get in touch if you want them.

Explore a whole new perspective: change your world. This is Integral Mind. This is Character Development.

This is Alternative Answers, the online home of (darren) Christopher Deojee, the Nglish teacher.

I teach Character Development - an authentic integration, healing and embodiment process for the Western educated mind.

If you use the latin alphabet or learned that triangles and squares were basic shapes, then you have something life changing to learn here because the information you were given was not correct and the implications affect every thought you have.

If you are one of the hundreds of millions of people that this is the case for there is a very real chance that this is the most significant and pervasively re-warding mental work you can do on yourself.

This is not 'mental hacking', 'nlp,' 'semantics' or 'semiotics.'

This is Spelling, the experiential science of language and it leads to the healing and integration of disconnected/reflective mind, and the evolution of language when applied. It is true Character Development.

All the preceding named science systems are facets of Spelling & The Word, but Spelling itself goes way beyond malleable referencing, symbol reframing and casual wordplay - Spelling goes right to the roots of mental Character: Shape and the Alphabet itself in such a way that integrates the intuitive, sensorial and rational aspects of the mind.

The journey through The Word is much more that these academic systems because it goes beyond abstract Language and shape knowledge and seamlessly includes the revelation and innate understandings, and experiences, of Gender, Perception, Sound, Spiritual/Divine connection & Evolution/enlightenment.

This is because the journey leads into the roots of mind itself, where it meets its origins in the connected wholeness it emerged from. The raw experiential, connected mind of the child is reclaimed.  The mind that poured its mental essence into the frameworks we call the shape, alphabets and number systems re-members itself.

This plunges mind into the Now (again): Feeling and Seeing and sensing rather than just the being the reflective observer.  A merging of adult mental dexterity with childlike flexibility, speed and sensation of mind.

The Word is an Authentic Western Tradition

Many a westerner has gone to the East, to the Past, or to India or some other native territory to learn, import or resurrect a practice for healing/calming the mind or feeling connected to the Divine. As if the West itself offered no such authentic tools of connection and alignment of its own, being evidentially too corrupt to its core.

The reason it is corrupt is because of the disconnected, disembodied mind. It remains forever the observer, forever the visitor, a square peg bashing against the round hole of manifestation. The frantic mind-in-a-maze of disonnection seeks solace, escape and more. So people learn tools of quieting or healing or escapism, but these are really coping strategies.

The basic, erroneous framework remains the same. It is still disconnected at its very roots and, like a leaning tower of pisa with foundations awry, everything built with that faulty framework remains awry.

How do you know if this is you? If you 'visit' the countryside/nature, or view earth as 'dirty' and abscence of indigenous plants and substances as civilised, then it is you.  If you refer to 'indigenous' tribes without including yourself, then it is you.  If you are not indigenous, then what are you?  If earth is dirty to you, then what are you? This is earth.  Indigenous people love it, as do all animals. Visitors, observers, aliens, bemoan it. 

The disconnected mind is a visitor, a reflective observer. It is caused by the wrong framework. When the roots of mind are corrected - when the corrected shapes and alphabet are learned, then, the shape of mind itself changes and the mind flows seamlessly and effortlessly into alignment with the rest of the experienced self - feelings, body and subtler energetic realms.

The cause is corrected and the mind needs no quieting or controlling - it is integrated. Connected. In-the-now and vibrantly feeling, seeing and flowing in interface between rational and irrational, intuitive and logical, experience and reflection. Doing its job, loving it, and evolving, Alive and Vibrant.

The subjects | teaches are Alternative Answers to humanity's greatest problems, personal and collective.  But I would say that.  I do have some pretty amazing testimonials that could convince you, but they were all from people who met me and saw me alive.

This website will gradually, and in stacatto fashion, become my effort to bring the transformative study of the Word and the evolution of Living Language and all its related branches.


The Basic Shapes - correction yields Integral Mind, Now-Mind and the tempering of the reflective observer - heals disembodied or disconnected mind and begins to restore gender balance and gender understanding. Begins the repair of personal sovereignty.

Gender & Perception -  yields  improved relating and communicating, improved internal mapping, develops boundary and awareness of Space. Repairs personal Sovereignty.

The Corrected Latin Alphabet - yields Character Upliftment, Warding from the Lower Levels (of de-sire), healing of the confusion between 'Little i and Big I', a correcting of the shape and balance of the mind.

The Recapitalisation and Evolution of Nglish -  Yields PERFECT pronunciation and Character Definition. Reintroduces proper use of Capital (which seems to have been hijacked by 'capitalism'). Stabilises the language after a recent chaos period of 'e-speak' and other such temporal transition stages. Anyone who can read the alphabet can speak the language. Connects with higher and off world consciousness in the natural, correct and expected interface. English -> Nglish -> Ngl.

The First Word - Heals human division through a single pivot point of agreement. Reconnects with All That Is in the Now, seamlessly, inseparably.

Interpersonal / Projects

The Peoples Public Trust - tackles corruption by public servants, directly.

+masculinity - seeks to heal the assailed men. patriarchy is a myth as is all the gender shame and blame so many young men grow up with. There is a grave and great gender crisis underway, and a new masculinity has to rise to the challenge, literally and figuratively. This is is Positive Masculinity. Learn to Take Charge + Be Positive.

The First Word - to educate on the correct Word and why it is THAT word for all of this species.

On this site you will get exclusive access to transformational content and events available nowhere else. All of it is dedicated to your self mastery and attainment, and victory for our species in the face of a madness that is of pandemic proportions.

Events are available on demand for any private group or individual sessions can be arranged on any of these subjects.

This is beyond mind-bending: this is mind-straightening. Study with me and change your world.

There are no soundbites that can pre-arm you, no snappy marketing comment that can let you know what's in store, for this work leads to the most radical shift in paradigm perspective you may ever come across.

This is the true 'new paradigm,' and its effects are to fold you out of the world you think you live in now, one of objective and disconnected mind, an illness that is rife in the modern mind, into the Real and Living world of integral mind, life and experience.

+++ On-Wards and Up-Wards To-Ward Re-Ward. Join Today by going For-Wards In-Wards! +++

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