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  • The Gender of Communication

    Gender and sex have been a taboo subject in the recent history of western culture, resting firmly behind the façade of the ‘gender war’ and the ‘fig leaf’ in polite society. This has meant it has fallen way behind the rest of our social, personal …

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  • New Events on the Horizon!

    Check out the new calendar and events registration section – There are two special weekend sessions coming up in Suffolk and talks in Birmingham, Hull and Boston over the next few months.  Be great to see you.

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  • Money Manipulation, Mind Manipulation

    Money is actually a gender issue. It is one of the forms of Currency. This is a masculine energy and is an expression of the Current of Charge.  Your bank accounts will be charged at times, and bankrupts are discharged at the end of the process.  We have …

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  • Its Reining Men

    Men are collared, cuffed and well-and-truly tied. There are places we cannot go in the Western world unless collared, and if we are not careful, a special type of public ‘servant’ known only by their collar number will be called (police.) We live in a graded collar system …

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  • The Myth of Patriarchy

    If this is a ‘patriarchy’ we live in and are oh-so-often reminded of, then why is it the men who are collared, cuffed and tied? [embedyt][/embedyt] You have been mislead somewhat by even the so-called ‘awake’ or ‘spiritual’ in their naivety and well-meaning spiritual piety, …

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  • Is You The Great I Am?

    Is ‘You’ the Great I AM, or What? ‘You’ is not the great I AM since ‘I’ is Here. ‘You’ will find ‘I’ where ‘You’ end and ‘I’ begin. ‘You’ is how ‘I’ speaks to I’self. There is no Me, Now-Here, only We: i, and …

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  • Be Your Self?

    [embedyt][/embedyt] a most basic introduction to ‘Gender’ polarity.  

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