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  • Are You Mental?

    The emotionally-polarised self sees ‘mental’ as ‘crazy.’ That is the view of the emotional body/self, when really, what they mean is ‘mentally ill.’ The term came into frequent use in the uk as an accolade of how accomplished you were as a youngster, or it …

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  • Entrance

    This is one of the first spells that really got me. This is an example of where context and emphasis has us looking in the wrong direction! Thinking it means ‘way in’ just because its above the door, and the social emphasis implies an ‘i’ …

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  • Get Now,Here – Integral Mind

    The language and spelling work I teach has the effect of getting Now….Here with the rational mind – both in its expression, and presence.  It is a state I call Integral Mind, where the mind is present Now. What do I mean by that? Well, …

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++ Take Charge, Be Positive ++

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