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a wee word if you think every victory on earth belongs to the rothschilds/elites etc

These wealthy families are not the only players, and they are by no means the highest echelon.  By your attributing every single shift in the wind at their feet you are missing the indicators that give you space to act and use your power, but in hesitance, and belief in the omnipotence of a few resource wealthy families, you truly give the game to them while munching on apocalypse popcorn and supping know-it-all-juice.


Yes, they have resource, and yes they can benefit from most shifts because they can adapt and look for opportunity.  Just like you or I.  Pull yer head out of yer myopic ass and grow some balls, and then go use that power of yours to bring some change.

If you are walking and talking you are a player and if you are in a big huff because some other family has a few more chips in coin, then snap the fuck out of it.

Humanity needs players on its side, with a belief that change can happen, not that every single thing is rigged - there is nowhere to go with such thinking, and no hope.

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