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a word to the young if you think ‘the old’ sold you out on Brexit / Trump

For those ‘young’ who blamed ‘the old’ for losing the future of Europe with Brexit,  or for the loss of Hillarys 'Assad must go, and we will treat cyber attacks like any other attacks (muttered in the direction of china and Russia)’.  But just because she was a woman who was forcing 'tolerance' and legislated language for fragile characters with fringe behaviours, folk were happy to vote her and world war 3 right in.

Did you all notice how everyone in the world was celebrating Trump - except lefties, the young, the new agers and academics (oh, and warmongering globalist corporates) - all collectivists, many of them ignorantly.

From the middle east to russia, the rest of the world breathed a quiet sigh of relief (as did a whole bunch of other individuals).

Her showcase ideology policies were to mask her total warmongering and the collectivists (poor personal boundary) bought it hook line and sinker.   ‘The old’ know what it is to live with sloppy boundary because most folk do when they are young. I did.

Then you learn what happens and you learn the value of personal and group boundary.  Only co-dependents and those lost in new ageism don’t. I am not cynical - it is literally about understanding the value of space for true diverstity  and personal freedom.

Personal and group boundary are what allows free will and specialisation and personal peace and wellbeing to happen: not enforced homogenisation and forcing everyone to ‘tolerate everything’ as if their natural, personal individual position was somehow morally inferior.

Space and Boundary are what allows people to live with freedom from oppression and all the other lovely values the clinton/remain brigade so often spout.  Not the oppression of the majority and enforced integration, but healthy space and freedom to live in zones that celebrate ways of life.. Oh wait, we have those - they are called countries and communities.

Go form a commuity to live that way instead of dictating  to the whole world they should live by your ideals, or try inviting instead of demanding.  Then, when you do that, like the 'old' generations before you (who helped Brexit / Trump), you'll find out why you need boundary - its an experiential process, not a theory, so no snappy comebacks from zero experience because I've seen communities all over the UK try to live by idealism and every single on is falling foul of good ol' human gripes n foibles.  Because you can not idealise those away, you can only pretend it for so long.  The communities that DO make it all do so either for religious, business or figurehead reasons.

Our individual position is our uniqueness and no matter how much we may not like anothers, they have a right to it, no matter how dumb it is to you.  They have been given a space in the world the same as you by the same unknown forces – you are entering fascism when you want to force peoples behaviours and thoughts.

And if you take a position of superiority, your just another narcissist with no respect.  Sadly, many in academia and city states are exactly that due to their techno culture.

No, the left and the so called ‘awake’ in the remain and Clinton camps need to snap out of it, grow up, and instead of seeking to undo in panic, they need to realise the difference between aspiration and ideation and ‘where we are at’ as a species.  The truth is out there, they just don’t want to look, and frankly, the mood of that camp is contributing to the very miasma that the evil forces want.

2016s politics was a great victory for humanity. But it means that all the buried feelings are going to come up now – because the window dressed ideology mask has to drop, and truth of our human writhings must surface before it can be mastered.

It is not likely to be pretty in some places, but it feels more Real to me, because it is the truth.

The most oppressed minority on earth is the individual, and in 2016, they spoke.

This was Part 3.

Part 1 Brexit and Trump make 2016 a great victory for humanity

Part 2 the madness of the city states and academia over Brexit/Trump

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