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An Intro to the Basic Shapes

basicshapeswrongIf you were taught that the basic shapes were triangles, circles and squares, you were taught wrong.

Only the circle is a basic shape. The Square and the Triangle are not basic shapes, but secondary: they are made up of one of the other true Basic Shapes: The Line.

The Line and the Circle are the two original basic shapes, the ancient symbols of the masculine and feminine.

The Line and Circle are the base of all technology in binary (O1), and contain the entire number sequence (01-10). In number, they are the zero and one and the ten, and in character, I,l and O. These carry with them the knowledge of gender, relating, change and more. They are understood by the tools that draw them:

The Ruler and the Compass.

The Ruler draws the Line (and crosses it where appropriate) and measures, determining VALUES. Discriminating & discerning where necessary. This is the shape of Charge and Change. This is the Royal I, the Royal 1

The Compass/divider navigates by feeling out fluctuations in the space, and bounds spaces to include. This is the shape of Form and State.  This is the Royal 'We' and refers to within the State.

When these two forces operate together: The King and Queen, Ruler and Compass, the masculine and the feminine, Change and State, they complement and produce the third basic shape: The Spiral

We live in a spiral galaxy with spiral cloud patterns, spiral water patterns, spiral shell patterns, spiral leaf patterns, in fact, spirals everywhere that denotes the balance of the masculine and the feminine, except in our species.

In our species, you don’t get taught about the line or the spiral. The two shapes that bring Change. The men are collared and cuffed, and the Line that describes their qualities is obfuscated from your education, along with the teachings of The Ruler that go with it.

The symbol on ALL masonic buildings in the world represent those true basic shapes: The Ruler, The Compass, and the G, which is the shape/symbol/character at the heart of the spiral.


Don’t believe the nonsense that the ‘g’ is about god or architect. That would be a bit of a foolish/amateur mnemonic for such a sophisticated organisation, don't you think? No, this is a about mental conditioning, disembodiment of the mind, and the slaughter of personal sovereignty: ‘I’ through control of the education of the most basic foundations of mind and thinking.

The basic shapes are such because they are natural and uncontrived: they are present as fundamental principles in nature, and thus turn up in the smallest organism to the largest star system. The secondary shapes do not exist commonly in nature at all.

A mind built on the natural shapes is rooted in nature, and thinks from within it, as part of it. It is indigenous.

A mind built on the secondary shapes is disconnected from nature, ‘visits and observes it’ and thinks from a disconnected perspective – it’s a ‘visitor’ here, alien: not indigenous.

Shapes become characters (O,I,l,L), become numbers (01-10), become words, spells, thoughts, expression, maths and the tools of deepest expression and most nuanced insight. If the basic building blocks of the mind are based on a layer removed from nature – at its foundations, the most things build with it are flawed too, just like the leaning tower of Pisa.

The flaw in this instance is disconnection from environment and self. Disconnection from the body and manifestation: disembodied mind. It is a pandemic of epic proportions.

Get the cure by learning, using and understanding the basic shapes and heal the shape of your mind so it can ‘fit’ in the real world.

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