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The term mental is one which has different meanings, depending on your perspective.

Are You Mental?

The emotionally-polarised self sees 'mental' as 'crazy.' That is the view of the emotional body/self, when really, what they mean is 'mentally ill.'

The term came into frequent use in the uk as an accolade of how accomplished you were as a youngster, or it was where I grew up in Scotland! eg "wow, did you see what he just did, that was mental." or at a party "mental, mental lets go f£$%ing mental" pumping out of the speakers.... ahhh pardon me a moments nostaliga.

Once one truly penetrates to the mental realm however, that is, the world of meaning and the mental body: feeling and Seeing mind.  What it truly is to be 'mental' from a mental perspective takes on new meaning and it has nothing to do with 'crazy.'

Crazy could be considered a disorganised or chaotic  mental framework, or one which struggles to, or cannot, relate and refer to others.

'Mental' is a highly organised, nimble, acute mental framework, where one is much more able to truly see the perspectives of others, and have a much greater capacity to understand and relate with both self and others.

These are very different, as you can see.

The mental world of ideas and perspectives is a sea to be navigated and explored with increasing nimbleness and play - feeling out/Seeing meaning, nuance and implicitness and relationships and potencies. We share a sea of mental substance and emanations in the same way as we share physical space and physical emanations.

It is the world of the body of geometry, shape, number, character (the alphabet), maths and idea. It is also somewhere where we can meet, and explore, but the sensation of a 'meeting of minds' is very different from a meeting in a coffee shop.

We use language that evidences a shared space, however, and the substance of mind is no less real nor less precious than the physical substance, it is just less understood.

examples that evidence shared mental space in language are:

"I can see where you are going with that but I have a different point of view" or
"Hmmmmm.... I can really see your point" (meaning 'what you are pointing at')
"I can see you don't have a clue what you are talking about - you are stabbing in the dark"

When we are using such phrases, we are usually gazing into 'near' space where the physical world is slightly blurry.  This is when we are navigatiing mental space.

These examples indicate a clear sense of direction, location, subject and spatial awareness. It's not physical space because the ideas do not reside in physical space, in the same way that feelings do not exist in physical space - they are different dimensions or Qualities. These indicate that there is a shared world of meaning we are all astute at sensing and moving in to some extent, but it is just not conscious in most of us.

So, in this instance, 'mental' means 'in the realm of meaning' or 'in/of the mental body.' People who are 'seeing' mentally will often stare into near space when they are listening intently to someone, where the physical body is still (possibly nodding ,frowning or shaking head) but the mental body is navigating in its own realm.  I have never met anyone who does not do this, they just need their attention drawn to the fact.

Watch yourself! You probably do that all the time as its totally natural. People who are becoming 'mental,' that is, centred in the mental plane/body rather than the emotional plane/body, are often increasingly confident of their own quirky perspective on things, and are much more willing and able to think outside the social norm.

There are issues and pitfalls aplenty though as the deep sea of Meaning has many currents and dodgy paths, just like the physical body/plane!  In fact, it is more akin to a maze, full of twists and turns that can leave one spun into nothing, going nowhere but rhetoric, and justifying all kinds of nonsense.

The world is full of such half-mentally aware folks just now and I find it quite painful to watch, but it is a necessary phase as we move ever closer to mastery of mind, emotions and body, individually and as a species.

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