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Do you have Alien Mind: a ‘Visitor’ in you?

I have found most Westerners have an alien mind: a visitor, firmly embedded in them. How do you know if this is you? Here are some questions that will quickly reveal the case: 

Do you 

A: like to visit nature (as compared to seamlessly experiencing yourself AS nature).

B: refer to 'indigenous people' without referring to yourself?

C: view the 'earth' (mud/soil etc) as being 'dirty,' or to be avoided, or not trodden on without 'footwear'. 

Where is one speaking/thinking from if this is the case?

These are not the behaviours of a native entity to this planet. I am NOT saying ‘an actual alien is in you’. I AM saying that your mind IS behaving like a visitor, a disembodied observer, an ‘alien’, if the above is true for you. 

Some of you may even consider yourself a ‘visitor here’ and consider it a position of ‘spiritual’ knowing, achievement or wisdom, just waiting for the next escape route, ride off or ‘cosmic travel.’ 

I believe this is a pandemic mental disease of epic proportions in the West. That of mental disembodiment and in my Shape Shift/Character Development work I deliver the cure: Conscious healing of the aspects of mind that this ‘visitor’ dwells in. 

The Toltecs Are On It

The Toltec teachings were a foundation in my life, in my teens. I don't mean just Carlos Castaneda, but Theun Mares, Don Miguel Ruez, Ken Eagle Feather and others. I have been a practitioner, not a rhetorical theoriser of this immense path, and I respect it greatly, though I now have my own body of work on Character Development and The Word. 

There were mysterious titbits in a few books that got my attention years ago, and it is only when I realised the above that I realised I was coming from the same place as these warriors, but from my own perspective and foundation. 

Don Juan mysteriously once referred to ‘the flyers’ as ‘feeding on the awareness of man,’ and that the work of discipline of the warriors path was to enable a man to hold his power. When quizzed by Castaneda about what the ‘flyers’ DID to man, Don Juan replied that ‘they gave man their mind.’ 

Don Miguel Ruez refers to something similar, but takes greater personal responsibility (not that DJ ever shirked that,) with his writing on ‘the parasite’ in the mind of man. 

The others make either little or no mention of it in the writings I have read, but I have not read ALL the works of these great authors. 

This is my contribution to that body of work, I call it ‘the Visitor’ or the ‘Alien Mind’ but the qualities match both what Don Miguel Ruez refers to in his Four Agreeements and The Fifth Agreement, and in Don Juans mysterious allusions. 

Don Juan and Don Miguel Ruez were right in my opinion – this ‘non-entity’ IS feeding on the awareness of man – your awareness by taking your time, your attention and by influencing your behaviours. 

Other indicators that you have a ‘visitor’ in you: 

Do you sometimes talk to yourself as ‘you’? ‘why did you do that’ ‘you didn’t handle that so well, did you’ and so on? 

And the final clincher – were you taught that triangles, circles and squares were the basic shapes? If ANY of the above applies to you, then you have ‘visitor’ consciousness in your mind. 


A (potentially inherited) portion of mental consciousness that is unable to integrate with the rest of body, emotion, experience and the remainder of mind. 


It is the wrong shape. It is a part of mind that is non-indigenous, a distant observer, and, like a square peg trying to be crammed into a round hole, it can NEVER fit while it is in it’s current shape. 

Just about every mental wellbeing tool in the world is a COPING STRATEGY to ease the impact of the Visitor. We get told to ‘silence mind,’ ‘quieten mind’ or ‘leave the mind out’ as if it were fundamentally flawed, when really, it is desperate to integrate, to participate, to stop being disembodied as it is. This is why it spasms and lashes as it does. 


Yes and No. 

No because everyone is used to living with LOTS of ‘visitors’ around them, so there is no ADDITIONAL danger to what you already know. 

Yes because it is deadly. Literally, for all of us. It is only a visitor/'alien' consciousness that can make decisions that are of serious detriment to self or otherlife on earth or its habitats and ecosystems. No native or indigenous species does that. Only a fool or a non-native can make decisions and take actions that endanger or destroy the very thing one is dependent upon for survival.  

A 'visitor' is not so concerned, and as a 'parasite' it has little knowledge or connection to the survival and wellbeing needs of its 'host.' 

The behaviours of truly indigenous tribes compared to those that Host the ‘visitors’ around us shows this difference quite obviously: 

Natives make decisions, build and live in harmony with their environment and resources.  compare this to ‘visitors’ who use resource indiscriminately, trample and impose their structures over what is naturally present, often ‘converting’ healthy native environments and materials into unhealthy, seemingly ‘unnatural’ ones. 

This danger cannot be overstated – many behavioural indulgences, fixations, obsessions and addictions in those affected with a ‘visitor’ are just because of an inability to embody, feel embodied or feel PART of the world. Change and action that has been decided will be beneficial, progressive or desired/desirable is not taken due to the hijacking of that embodiment energy by ‘the visitor’ and it’s decisions. 


Who Cares? You came to earth, natively and indigenously! Your body is of the earth, will always be of the earth, and will return to the earth when you ‘finish’ with it. That means you came to BE native, so you could be effective. 

If you were truly a ‘visitor’ you would have come in ‘Craft’ or some ‘lightbody’ and been unable to stay very long, or be very effective here. 

The fact your consciousness is ‘visiting’ is being confused with what I am referring to here, which is a disease (parasite) of mind. 


Learn coping strategies like meditation to mitigate the impact of this ‘parasitic visitor’. Don Miguel Ruez has published what is probably THE most distilled widely available beneficial work on the subject. It’s not the most thorough, but it IS the most distilled you’ll be able to get. 

Or you can learn to CURE and HEAL this part of your awareness, by changing its shape for good so it CAN integrate and your mind, experience, emotions and spirit will flow seamless, in-the-now, as you will already experience in moments of dance, lovemaking, a good walk, meditation and suchlike. 

This is a service I believe is uniquely offered by me, in the form of Shape work and Character Development. Look for work on this site on the basic shapes or character development for more information or an event to attend or course to book onto. 

If one is not available, connect with me for 1-2-1 work or to go on my mailing list. This website will be updated with more material on the subject, but over time.

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