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This is one of the first spells that really got me.

This is an example of where context and emphasis has us looking in the wrong direction! Thinking it means 'way in' just because its above the door, and the social emphasis implies an 'i' rather than an 'a' in 'trance'... so most people say 'entrince' rather than 'entrance' as it is written.

It means only one thing - to put into a trance/to place under a spell.

Consider what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING in all shops around the world. A part of the GREAT PARK that is the world has been boxed off. Inside it, someone is putting on flashy lights, fancy packaging, and maybe even music too to entrance you, to entice you, to convince you that their wares, product or service is the one for you. Of course, this aspect of the Entrance is not exploited by some modern minds, but the effect and purpose is still the same for all large corporations. They require people to believe the spell of satisfaction offered by their products or employment or whatever, otherwise, they die (through lack of custom)

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