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There is only Now,Here for each of us. Nowhere, No-Where, Now-Here

Get Now,Here – Integral Mind

The language and spelling work I teach has the effect of getting Now....Here with the rational mind - both in its expression, and presence.  It is a state I call Integral Mind, where the mind is present Now.

What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever heard of the personality, lower self, or mind referred to as 'a reflection,' usually implying of something greater, like the soul/(Sole) or higher self?

It doesn't really matter if you have or you haven't, but it is a good term for how the conditioned mind works. It is a relfecting entity.

This means that it reflects upon what has been, and what may come, but it is never HERE,NOW.

Some argue the rational/conscious mind cannot exist 'NOW' but that is nonsense - it already does, but does so in a place I call the 'pre-conscious.'

The pre-conscious is like the RAM or cache in a computer, and your everyday awareness is like the operating system sitting on top of it. In that way, it exists now, but your entire interpretation of the world is built on whats in it, right now, You can't see its operations as the 'daily you' is resting upon it to look at the reflection of the world that is its description.

What does that mean? Well...close your eyes. Breathe. Then open them. How long does it take you to decide the nature of the space you are in (eg room, hotel, park, cafe) and that there are objects and decor in front of you, and that there are floor coverings or not, furniture or not, people or not. How long does all that take?

Actually do it now - close your eyes, and then open... and feel how long it takes.

It's pretty quick, eh? 🙂

Now. The ability to name all those objects and to have a sense of spaces are conclusions about the world. If physics, chemistry and biology are correct at all, then we all live in a living sea of energy and molecules, with no void between them as they all rub up against one another. Your conclusions about micro-fields within the larger energy field/molecular soup in front of you is an interpretation of those fields before you.

It takes time for you to catalogue all those things, but you have a massive library - huge! You know the taste, texture, temperature range, and sound of most materials and objects and you built that catalogue in infancy and beyond. Thate library describes you and the world and your conclusions about it - whether something is important or not, whether you have an aversion or not, whether something is safe or not.

Its a busy old business keeping that massive catalogue alive and available every waking moment!

>STUDY getting into the pre-conscious with me today! - link is missing - contact me<

Your conscious mind rests upon that description all the time, and only 'kicks in' once certain aspects of orientation of awareness have taken place - every single moment! Since your conscious rational is so much slower than the perceiving part of self, it simply reflects upon what has already happened, or worries about what might happen, but it isn't quick enough to 'get now,here'

examples: Something will happen and a person will exclaim "did you see / feel / hear that?" That is reflection. The mind has reflected upon the event, but 'wasn't there' - it was triggered BY the event, but didn't seem to be doing anything DURING it.

Similarly, we can see a worried look on a partners face and that can trigger our mind into concerns about the mortgage or whatever else is going on for us just now. Once again, the mind is reflecting, causing a train of thought, and then triggering feeling amnd behaviours, but it wasn't NOW,HERE about it.

Examples of Now,Here'ness are difficult to give because they are different for each of us - that is, the part of the 'experiential I' experience that you notice may be different than that I notice.

Changing the mental framework and use of character and alphabet changes how the mind reflects, and therefore how it behaves. Working with Spelling and Character Development in this fashion leads to doorways that lead the mind back into NOW that cannot be discussed, only experienced as your RAW MIND comes back into your attention, revealing itself from behind and around the fixation to social ideas and perspectives, through windows of opportunity in YOUR world and life, your unique part of NOW,HERE.

Study with me to unwrite your description of yourself and reclaim the full power of your Raw Mind and get Here!Now! The world needs you Here, not reflecting... 🙂

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