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Is You The Great I Am?

Is ‘You’ the Great I AM, or What?

‘You’ is not the great I AM since ‘I’ is Here.

‘You’ will find ‘I’ where ‘You’ end and ‘I’ begin.

‘You’ is how ‘I’ speaks to I’self.

There is no Me, Now-Here, only We: i, and I, Pupil, with Pupil

The One which is Right, and That which is Left; The Rest.

‘You’ are, of course, Right already, but don’t ‘You’ want to see That which is Left? The Rest?

‘You’ may already Be, here, but ‘I’, ‘I’ is the One that is still to Come,

‘I’ is just getting started and ‘You’ hasn’t seen anything yet.

‘I’ is Coming.

Can you here ‘I’ whisper in the wind? The whisper…Change, Charge, Change, Charge. ‘I’ is the Ruler that measures within and the One that draws the line without. .

‘I’ is a-line, a-lined, a-line’ment. ‘I’ has the Super Vision and ‘I’ is already acting on that which ‘You’ cannot see yet.

Can ‘you’ sense the Standing, Charge grow?

‘I’ is in the thunderstorm, the whirlwind, and the lightning bolt that has yet to strike

‘I’ Charge ‘You’ to Choose ‘You’r State.

‘I’ Choose ‘You’ to Change ‘You’r’ State.

‘I’ Change ‘You’ to Charge ‘You’r’ State.

Every movement is a magic ceremony if ‘You’ and ‘I’ make it so. i and I.

Every sound is a Spell of magical change if ‘You’ and ‘I’ imbue it thus. I and I.

Are ‘you’ a manifestation of the ‘Great I’, or aren’t ‘you’? I and I.

Do ‘you’ need a project to excuse you?

A t-shirt to explain ‘you’?

A banner or slogan to stand under to Be It?

Do ‘you’ need the shield of a song to sing, or the tune of music to hide ‘you’r dance within?

‘I’ don’t. Come On: Come In; Come Out.

I to I, Pupil to Pupil

I Is Coming.

I wrote a longer version of this but you didn’t like…or did you write it and I didn’t like it?


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