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Its Reining Men

Men are collared, cuffed and well-and-truly tied.

There are places we cannot go in the Western world unless collared, and if we are not careful, a special type of public 'servant' known only by their collar number will be called (police.)

We live in a graded collar system - blue collar, white collar, dog collar (church), and of course, all police are known by their collar number.

I ask you: who wears collar, cuffs and a tie? Only slaves and prisoners.

No historian can give you the facts on how this came about. To me, I'm not interested in what folks had for breakfast 5000 years ago, or what the latest fashion was in the 17th century.  I want to know about symbols and cultural norms that affect me now, today.  If I can't get an answer, then what good is the 'history'? what else is it missing?

The answer is :  'not much' to the first and 'more than you can imagine' to the second!

The collar and tie system is Reining the Men.  One of my missions is to shatter the collar, rip off the tie, and free men to be 'off-the-cuff.'

The result? Reigning Men.  Raining Men! Hallelujah…about time.



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