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Become a member of the Living Words Network today and in-joy, the following benefits:

  • NEW!Exclusive Access to Me - (darren) Christopher Deojee
    These are my private pages and forums - get access to my latest insights and thoughts and join in with me in the forums
  • NEW!Member Only Forums
    Focussed forums on each of my subjects. Get my input on your thoughts and share with like minds in this unique repository
  • NEW!The Living Words Network
    Join my unique private social network and connect with great like minds, find friends, form your own groups, create your own group forums
  • NEW!Audio and Video Archive
    Access a reservoir of my talks and workshops, some audio-only, some video, none ever seen or heard publicly before
  • NEW!(darren) Christophers Spellbook
    an ever-growing 'dictionary' of my word analyses and insights
  • NEW!Monthly Q&A.
    Interactive Live Member only Q&A with me using AnyMeeting each month
  • NEW!Member Only Articles and Tutorials
    advanced member-only sections of articles, and tutorials led and informed by the Q&A each month, I respond to the needs of my interested members with content for you
  • NEW!Exclusive Experiments
    Join my unique group awareness and spelling experiments

And consider the following additional gains:

  • NO! Trolls or shills
    I keep them out of my network!
  • NO! Random, uninformed commentary.
    No non-members can read or contribute, preserving quality and quantity of content.
  • NO! Loss of your treasured thoughts and sharings.
    I preserve them and our limited volume keeps things fresh and available, unlike facebook or G+

AND as a BONUS Signup Thank You Gift!

  • FREE Ebook of poetry to think with
    My network truly is NEW, so as a thank you for your joining early you'll get a FREE ebook of my personal poetry to fuel your thoughts and insights - never published before and only for the first 100 subscribers.

Why have I made this Network pay-for-access?

  • Protection Protecting my thoughts and yours
    The internet free-for-all has to finish to restore a sense of value, importance and private sharing. I call this On-Wards and Up-Wards.
  • Purity Preserve purity of content
    Preventing random or easy access limits the build up of dross posting. The result will be Re-Warding
  • Funding To pay for projects
    I have global language/spelling research and evolution projects to undertake that require funding. Your membership will help to make that happen.

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Your membership fee is based on your financial capability, see the options below. Please be honest as the system can only work if enough are acting in integrity.

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  • Full membership access
  • Full forum access

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  • For those who are financially secure
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There are a limited number of free memberships available to people in regions which are not financially oriented eg central plains regions, certain african nations, chinese mountains. There are also free/extra concession memberships available to minors under the age of 16 (limited site access) and people in severe poverty. Contact me to arrange a free/extra concession membership following a short questionnaire/proofing process.

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