Mental Experiments

Welcome to my mental experiments page!

As a premium subscriber, you are invited into these unique collaberative experiments. They are all truly magical in their potential effects, or you could call it spiritual, or you could call it developmental. If you were feeling brave, you could even call it religious. They are all of those things and neither, but I like magical or spiritual because it conveys the wonder and potential key experiential gain arena participation may yield you.

In truth, from my experience, each of these will affect you in unique and manifold ways – i don’t want to do bullet lists of ‘what you will get’ or ‘what you will experience’ and ‘when’ because the spectrum YOU will be affected on may be different to anyone else, and the point here is to cultivate your own senses and intuition, and to value your own steps, so feel you way through these, and join in on the appropriate forums and social group with what’s going on for you with these…

See the links for the individual experiments.

++ Take Charge, Be Positive ++

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