A Re-Warding Group

Join an exciting experiment in personal spelling, magic and group awareness.

I am fascinated by the spellset of “-Warding” in our language.

I mean all the words that end in ‘-Ward.’:

The -Ward Series

Ward, A-Ward, To-Ward, For-Ward, In-Ward, Re-Ward: On-Wards & Up-Wards[/titled box]

Consider each of these and their various meanings and usages for a while.

A ward is a spell of protection, or an area of safety, a directon, an achievement/gift and possibly even a space of healing eg hospital ward. It has other meanings of related interest such as ‘ward of state.’

I got onto this when I was pondering the spells of ‘onwards and upwards,’ used when something bad has happened, or when we stumbled in life in some way or expectations have not been met. But are we actually reminding each other, inviting each other, instructing each other even…

On Wards and Up Wards

Read about the experiment using the tabs on the left and I do hope you’ll join in!

No prerequisites are required, but a commitment to giving a serious trial period is recommended for your own user satisfaction, and so you can have a sense of having really tried.

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Can a group of people reinforce their own ‘zone of safety/sovereignty’ using the language of -Warding applied with new meaning and intention?

Can a group of people create a group network in the mental and inner realms that serves the function of a group -Warding where each unit is reinforced and supported by the fact others are helping maintain the network space integrity, albeit in a different time and place?

There is a broad range of considerations to be fathomed by pondering on each of these spells. But for this experiment, we are looking at all -wards as moving towards, or creating, zones of safety/protection/solace. I mean this from the perspective of everything from the simple sanctity of your own headspace, to the Great Promised Re-Ward of the Sole/Soul, to all levels in between.

The primary focus is to Re-Ward YOU. By that, I mean to help facilitate and reinforce your natural boundary/zone of sovereignty that has been compromised by social conditioning, and to reconnect you with your position of greatest strength and connection with life. This is not just about psychic protection, but the full range of intrusive energies that we have perhaps forgotten we needed to deal with.

The experiment is also in Group Consciousness, but practiced alone, where we build a mass Warding. A mass mental network of a regularly reinforced supported boundary against the various forces of entropy that are so active in the world just now that may hound your day. These encounters, many of which are without your conscious awareness, may leave you tired, drained, depleted or otherwise worn by exposure to their emanations each day.

The goals are this:

1: Explore Re-Warding yourself in all its meanings

The full spectrum (all -ward variants), but eventually meaning a fully resilient personal boundary against projected energy directed your way, by accident or intentionally, that would otherwise potentially change your personal state. Impact is expected in every area from effects of artificial lighting and broadcasting device intrusions into personal space and state, to thoughtforms/’vibes’ directed our way, to other geopathic and other energies we are exposed to.

2: To build a Group Ward

To provide a support network in the mental plane for you while you are out in the challenges of the day, in amongst all sorts of forces and energies that you may have no conscious sense of, but which are affecting your centredness and ability to engage from a position of personal power and presence.

This is the group aspect. By having everyone share the same phrasing and intention, we build a group mental space and ward as well as personal, and a group network that is mutually supportive and beneficial should make life a bit easier too, which is part of the experiment.

3: To build your sensitivity and focus

Explore how sensitive you are to your own warding and your sense of the group. This is the personal development and group awareness aspect. Cultivating your own inner and outer senses, this exercise will develop your mental sensitivity, and dexterity and will bring a range of benefits for you to explore.


Step 1

As regularly as possible, take time to meditatively Ward yourself:

Re-search means ‘to look again’ or ‘to search again’.

Take a few moments and take some deep breaths to get centred and settled. If you dont have time to, skip it and just do the process, but the more present and centred you can get, the more effective your -warding will go.

Say or think and explore verbally and/or silently the -ward spellset. Do it with meaning, and in different orders. Do it with feeling and different emphases and explore any nuances that come up for you.

The -Ward Series

Ward, A-Ward, To-Ward, For-Ward, In-Ward, Re-Ward: On-Wards & Up-Wards[/titled box]

we are not including the words prefixed ward- in the experiment, but you are invited to consider them as part of the overall re-search of the -ward- spell.
These are: Warden – ”guardian’ – related interest and Wardrobe – safe place for clothes! There are others of minor relevance, such as wardroom and I invite you to explore all variables in-ward- 😉 [/info box]

Say in your head, and out loud, the -ward spell series. Vary the emphasis, order, intonation, inflection, cadence, timing, notes and volume. Note your findings/feelings and experiences and share with the group on the forum or Group feed.

Use the intention of recognising and nurturing your field of safety that is ‘your zone’ – you could consider it your energy field, your aura, your electromagnetic field, luminous egg, the space of the higher self/sole/soul – whatever works for you, but imagine it as naturally arising from the part of you that is already connected to everything around you.

While doing this, imagine, visualise or just pretend that you are, naturally and without strain, activating your own Wards: to be warded in a Space of safety out of alignment with evil/dark/interfering/electromagnetic forces. Another way to consider it is ‘out of phase’ or ‘in a different state/world,’ and instead aligned with the source of life within and around you. GOO. This is working electromagnetically, cymatically and emoto-ively

Do a round of this from a few seconds (single recital) to a mantra/affirmation length of repetitions that feels comfortable to you at the time.

Step 2: optional but recommended

Once you have finished your warding for that session, do 7 Om’s and 7 of The Word, if you use it, and use them to energise and mobilise the warding and alignment.

Step 3

Reach out with your inner senses to feel alignment with others who are Warding. Don’t feel you need ‘connect with’ or ‘link up with’ the network, the mutual energetic benefits and support should happen naturally and with no additional effort.

Do a second round of -Warding with the group in mind. You don’t need to worry about picturing individual people, just imagine it in any way that works for you.

Step 4: optional but recommended

Once you have finished your warding for the group, do 7 Om’s and 7 of The Word, if you use them, and use them to energise and mobilise the warding and alignment.

Minimum recommended participation: 1-6mths

Points of Thought

It is better to do this out loud as well as silently and realise there is no ‘practice’ – you are ‘doing it’ from the first time, and you will just get better and clearer at it, so if you are going to experiment and play with ‘warding’ words, then do play properly! different volumes, inflections, intentions, emphases, timings, cadences and more – every living variety of using the words you can think of and feel out as appropriate, use and try. If you can’t bring yourself to do it out loud, then do the same, silently.

As part of an overall programme of re-alignment, this -warding facilitates a means of protection that allows worlds to slide by each other, almost unnoticed if desired, and allows one to move with their personal state intact, despite chaos ensuing around them.

In its ultimate achievement, again as part of a larger process, this can manifest as total autonomy and ability to ‘walk between worlds’ both in the micro-worlds of the numerous energy fields and zones on this planet, and elsewhere in the cosmos too. But that is perhaps getting ahead of ourselves…

Even if you feel you are having little or no movement at first, persist as the benefit of cultivating your senses through the re-search process will still yield fruit.

IF you are not being very verbal, or not using Step 2 or Step 4, I recommend you do as it adds a vibratory element that has no substitute. If you don’t feel comfortable still, buy a copy of Sounds for the Soul as a support tool to help get your mind in alignment, and get your at-om’s a rattlin’! ()

There are many potential effects and nuances of experience and rather than tell you all the subtlties I discern, come and share what you discern over in the Experiment forums or Group. I’ll share more of mine there too.

++ Take Charge, Be Positive ++

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