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Connect and collaborate with myself and others who are tasting and sharing the excitement of re-searching the aspects of The Word - through spelling, shape, sound and language, to the electro-magnetics of gender exploration and communication, to issues of authority,  self-mastery, and, of course, The Word Itself.

Join for access to Member Only articles, videos, and regular live transmissions from me, and you can connect with me and other students of The Word in a focussed and progressive private social network environment, keeping you in an inner circle of cutting edge wordsmithing and spelling disenchantment, and my latest ideas and discoveries that don't get published elsewhere.

In addition, you get access to video and audio’s of workshops and talks that have been recorded over the last 6 years - most of these are not available anywhere else.

The Living Words are those that are unfolding their unique human media - the whole human vehicle: the tool of expression that is more than just the words chosen, and more than just penmanship, but an expression of poise and perspective using the entire human media that is Just So.  I celebrate and love witnessing and being part of this unfoldment and doing what I can to help and support it.  Come join in just as we are starting!

Membership Benefits

Get access to member forums, a members-only social network, regular updates and insights from me, plus access to monthly live member-only online transmissions and Q&A's with me.

Share insights and realisations, create your own focus/interest groups and participate in member-only forums

be involved in pioneering work in language development and evolution

participate in an exciting group mental framework exercise that has the potential to be very, very interesting indeed!

Get exclusive member-only views* of the audio and video archives, which include over 15 talks and workshops that have never been published anywhere.
* each month a talk or workshop is made available to members to view and discuss

5% member discounts on any events I run.

Get access to member-only events, and rewards for staying a member at 3, 6 and 12 months! *
* at 3 months you get an e-book of provocative and evocative poems to muse with (previously unpublished as a set, some you will see on the site). At 6  months a copy of the Sounds for the Soul Booklet and CD (usually £15)  and at 12 months a ....surprise!

Become part of a member credit system of capacity, integrity and trust over time that will provide the background support you need in the inner realms through group re-Wards - Join Today!

There are 3 levels of membership based on your capacity - Please choose which applies to you and I look forward to connecting with you when you Come In!

Concessionary Member – I’m getting by but may hold my breath handing over the bank card at the shop or petrol station - will it approve?  £5 per month

Full Member – I’m doing pretty alright, I pay a bit of attention at the shop till, but I can usually get/do the things I want.  £10 per month

Supporting Member - I’m comfortable and my family (if appropriate) are looked after. I don’t really have to think at the shops, I get what I want. Hey, it’d be nice for that to be true for you and your family too! £20 per month

Sponsoring Member - I'm a Supporting Member too, but I'm doing well enough that I can help someone on the Bursary system. It'd be nice to help chip in to help cover for those who may not be able to access content or workshops by their own means. £25 per month (£10 goes to bursary system, which applies to workshops as well as memberships)

For those that have severe financial limitation or live in a country that is not as financially dominated as Western influenced nations, a number of empathy/bursary supported memberships are available.

For one of these, you have to complete a bursary application questionnaire for consideration - email bursary -at- asking for the questionnaire.

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