What is Ngl?

Ngl is an evolved and evolving language.

It is what ‘english’ will naturally develop into following its  current transitional flux with a lot of play going on with the integration of capitals and numbers.  Ngl fully integrates the capitals again following a strange period in the history of our species.

I present Ngl as a potential integral language for Europe and all latin alphabet users as well as the stable evolution* of ‘English.’

It’s benefits are manifold and are explored in more detail below.

In ‘english’  the suffix –ish means: ‘diminutive of; ‘kinda like’ or ‘sort of.’

So, ‘english’  is kinda like, or diminutive of  'engl,’ which is Ngl with 'capital integration'.

Ngl-ish is the transitional language and Ngl is the final, resulting language

The linguistic evolutionary route is as follows:

Name                                                    pronounced

English                                                  ‘inglish’

Hallmarks: breaks its own rules, no understanding of capitals, only around 15% is spoken as written, no understanding of silent character. Uses descenders

Ngl-ish or engl-ish                            ‘engl-ish’ (stating letter ‘N’)

Hallmarks: No descenders. Transitional language so variances in interpretations of capitals, silent letters and trailing consonants eg example -> Xample or -> Xampl

Ngl                                                         Ngl, stating letter ‘N’, g is hard or soft

Hallmarks: No descenders. Clear interpretation of capitals, spatial replacement of silent character. Trailing consonants clearly dealt with. Almost wholly phonetic. ‘said as seen’ – capitals deliver emphasis. There is no need for 'c' .


It is a mind-straightening, brain sweating affair to teach a living language transformation to a native 'inglish' speaker.  It is much easier to teach this transformation in understanding of THE most flexible and versatile language alive on the planet today to those who speak 'english' as a second language.

I realise I will likely upset some language speakers here - especially Spanish and Mandarin as they both beat Inglish (written like this to distinguish it from what I teach) in terms of number of speakers as I present 'Ngl' as an integral, evolved language, but hey-ho, can't please everyone.

The mind mangling bit is that we have to start with a flawed language 'inglish' and "fix it" for want of a better term.

Heal it would be a better term actually, but it must have its pattern-based flaws exposed and explained, its flawed fundamentals unpicked and corrected at a basic, alphabetic level, all the while with an entire language resting upon it, and that being the one that must to used to do the correction. Then we can talk Ngl(-ish), the Master Language.

The brand new wiki for documenting the rules for translation and the ongoing research is at

but you'll have to wait a few weeks to learn the rules while I update them all!  If you are too excited and want to join in, contact me using the links above and lets talk Ngl:  language evolved

Benefits of Ngl

- Yields perfect pronunciation and experience of character, and yields a spatial awareness of character, timing and structure that all latin languages lack due to lack of Capital Character.

- It fully integrates Capital character and consciousness and may, in time, incorporate numeric character also ie capital letters are fully integrated and not limited in use by irrational rules.

Abstract/theoretical (to you) benefits:

- It resolves the confusion between ‘little i’ and ‘Big I’ ie higher self/lower self or Sole(soul)/Personality.

- It reduces the vulnerability and exposure of awareness to the subhuman and animal desire realms through elimination of descenders, which are just plainly wrong in every way imaginable!

- It produces sensations of mental wellbeing, speed and flow as the mind ‘runs in its own tracks’ as compared to the disjointed, misunderstood framework as it is currently used.  This increases mental capacity and agility exponentially.

- It is the language of angels, masters and some off-world and higher dimensional beings who communicate through mediums here. Be aware – writing, thinking and using Ngl properly WILL open the door to telepathy, spatial mind/capital character, and facilitate direct communication with other Ngl speakers both on and off world, and in other dimensions.

++ Take Charge, Be Positive ++

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