One to One Rates

I have THREE billing styles to suit every budget and situation. The method is designed to be based on a balance of value: self-value for me, and value-for-money for you, and equality.

Book a One to One for unique and insightful sessions exploring any aspect of your life causing you concern or challenge. Alternatively, we can work on a specific spelling, sound or gender development programme for you, tailored to your needs, challenges and interests. Find rates information here, or find out what to expect here.

My rate is £60ph with a £40ph concessionary rate.  I can offer additional concessions to those in need and who want to work with me.

This rate change is due to family pressures and Service Requirements. That is, my need to provide a basic level of care for my family and to fund and have time for projects of Service and Re-search in the world (see projects below.)



Projects I use money for:

My rates may seem confusing at first glance, but there is a sense and order to them when you grasp the intention. My goal here is not to line my pockets, but to provide a basic level of care for my family and to fund some intensive, expensive research and activity projects in the world to bring about some much needed change, such as:

The Word – Promoting a range of media and technology to demonstrate, Illustrate and educate to as wide an audience as possible, the obviousness and pervasiveness of the corrected First Word for humans(The Word for everything).

N9l - the evolution of English. - In English the suffix '-ish' means 'kinda like' or 'diminutive of'.  I suggest it is the diminutive of N9l which you can find out about here:

Free Education for the Young - Creating a range of educational media for children and the young on basic shape, character, maths and gender to prevent the problems modern adults face from ever arising.



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