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Webinar numbers are kept small to ensure a sense of connection and  I offer a live experience every time so interaction is throughout the session.

Check my testimonials if you need reassurance these are worth your time and money. These events are a bargain at  $19.99 (around £13) and I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee*. Concessions are available if this will be a struggle for you, but contact me for discount codes based on your circumstances.

Title Type Briefly About Frequency Book Now!
 Healing the Shapes Series These next 4 have a similar theme of Healing the Mind, Sovereignty and the true Basic Shapes, but with emphasis and depth in different aspects for each. Any will give you a great foundation for re-shaping your mind, pick whichever you like the sound of most.
Repairing the Ruler-
healing the mind at it's roots
Webinar Ultimate Sovereignty and mental healing session.  Learn the true basic shapes and set your mind on the path to true mental integration and embodiment. Learn the Lines of the Sovereign and begin to Open your I. bi-monthly online Book for: 5th April 2015
Correcting the Basic Shapes -
Integrating the mind
Webinar Curing disembodied mind, the greatest pandemic in the west, is simply achieved. The result is Integral Mind, Now-mind: a mind that seamlessly works for and with you in-the-now rather than just being an observer (or critic!) of you and others. bi-monthly online Book Now for: 
19th April, June, August, October or
December 2015
The Myth of Patriarchy Webinar How can it be a patriarchy if it’s the men who are collared, cuffed and tied? They may be fabric, but those words mean only one thing....Get to the nub of the issue and be boggled at the relationship between the collared men, the basic shapes, authority, currency and language! bi-monthly online Book Now for: 15th May, July, September or November 2015
Real Masonry: the Secret's Out Webinar This talks emphises the masonic aspect of the basic shapes and begs the question - when the benefits of the true basic shapes are understood, why would anyone want to inhibit or conceal them..? bi-monthly online Book Now for: 15th June, August, October or December 2015
 Gender is like a limb you hardly hear of, and when you do, there is such distortion, propaganda and secret agendas.  Here is natural, progressive and potent gender work that will change your perception.
Being and Coming: heal-thy relationships Webinar Conception is about thought and babies – why? Because they are both expressions of Gender. Making a Point is what happens in conversation and when the male is aroused – why? Because they are both expressions of Gender. Learn about the natural gender flows in us all and yes, heal-thy relationships. bi-monthly online Book Now for: 23rd May, July, September or  November 2015
+masculinity Webinar This is positive masculinity. And it is Cross.Young men are growing up with gender shame and blame for deeds of men long dead or distant. Men are stifled before they can blossom into what they can become. This event clear away the cultural miasma of judgements and delivers some truly +masculinity for men to feel a sense of direction and purpose in the development of their gender power. bi-monthly online Book Now for:
19th April, June, August, October or
December 2015
The Word (includes sound and language) My speciality and favourites - The Word, Sound & Language.
Secrets of Sound and Language Webinar Everything we need is literally spelled out right before our very eyes. Learn the Significance of Sound, some startling Secrets of Language and watch the world change before your very eyes: this is Spelling after all bi-monthly online Book Now for: 23rd June, August, October, December 2015
The Lost Word, the First Word, the Last Word  Webinar  The greatest of secrets, the highest of mysteries. The most powerful spell in the world. It’s not the masons greatest mystery for no reason: do they even know what it means anymore? Heal the cornerstone of reality, the most unifying principle possible, and learn the first word for humanity here.  bi-monthly online  Book Now for: 6th June, August, October, December 2015
Character Development - healing and decoding the alphabet Webinar All 500 million+ latin alphabet users have the same flaw in their alphabet. This arrests character development in a number of ways and inhibits understanding of the alphabet. Learn how to fix it and begin to decode the great mental mystery that is the alphabet! bi-monthly online Book Now for: 19th May, July, September or November 2015
Decoding the Numbers Webinar The Numbers and the Alphabet are not just abstract, random symbol sets. They are deeply profound & highly evolved. Here, we decode the number series to discover what they are symbols OF and what story they tell.
date tbc
Divinity and Evolution
 These sessions are more about our structure and our environment rather than the mind itself, but they will work on your mind as much as the others!
Divided Unity – understanding ‘where we are at’ Webinar The universe is built in divided unity, yet both the globalists, the new agers, and the collectivists are all attempting the same cancerous game of trying to enforce or contrive unity without understanding, respecting, nor cherishing the power and value of division….first.This event will transform your idea of ‘divinity.’ tri-monthly online Book Now for: 9th July or October 2015, or January 2016
Understanding the Bodies Webinar The simplest way to understand your journey to self-mastery and dextrous expression. This event changes how you see your behaviours, and create healthy spaces for you to become the person you want to be. tri-monthly online Book Now for: 9th June, September or December 2015
Sharing the Earths Dream Webinar We are all on this planet housed in earth-stuff. We came to be part of the earths dream here. Find out the ancient, yet new, story of the Earth here, and  where, and what, we’ve come from… tri-monthly online Book Now for: 9th August or November 2015 or February 2016
2nd Tier These are more advanced sessions
The 5d Word - Beyond the Pass,ward  Webinar  Beyond the First Word: the Password, into Vertical Words, Structural Sound, Stargates and the Three-in-One. This is an advanced 2nd tier talk with quite advanced symbol work. You should have seen at least 1 First Word talk either pre-recorded or live, and have good Feeling/Seeing. Once this year  Book Now for:
30th July 2015
The Art of Spelling Webinar The Science of language is one thing, but the Art of the Spell, now that is something altogether again.  Learn the components and qualities of the Art that is Spelling....and dispelling.
Once this year Book Now for: 16th September 2015
Correcting and Evolving Mathematics Webinar Maths has a flaw built into it, similarly to the alphabet and the basic shapes. This sessions explores the flaw, repairs it and evolves a new, more natural basic maths. Once this year Book Now for: 6th October 2015
Ngl. The Evolution of Language Webinar Ngl is the language 'english' is evolving into. Thinking and writing in Ngl yields many character and mental benefits in addition to perfect pronunciation and a spatial awareness that is second-to-none.  Learn the language of the future, now.
dates tbc

*Money Back Guarantee terms: I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  To claim, you must be present from the beginning to the end of the event.

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