Here you will find my work, articles etc in relation to Sound. This is one of my favourite subjects, I hope you'll share the excitement and enthusiasm when you explore a bit more...

Sound is one of my favourite subjects! It never ceases to excite me how much sound influences the human story of our times, and how well its language has penetrated outside its obvious contextual remit.

Beyond that, I love the power of its usage, in the spoken word, in chant and song, and from instruments and the environment. It is simply transformative, transportational and an essential component in composing oneself

Few people realise how significant it really is.  It is the one thing the worlds largest religions AND science agree on is that 'In the beginning, there was a sound'.

Thats pretty powerful.  In this section of my site, I'll share and explore my personal application and teaching on sound, as well as sharing the  best teaching and referencing I've found to help your MIND understand how it can respect and use Sound in ways which are at first strange, then magical, then transformational....then transportational! 😉

If you want to jump straight in to the juicy stuff, BUY NOW the Sounds for the Soul CD and Workbook where you'll get an excellent and succinct introduction and practice work, otherwise, begin with the introduction to the Significance of Sound video below and let's go from there!


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