My Spellbook (dictionary)

This is my spellbook. That is, words that you know already that I re-reference with magical effect on the mind...

Here is where I will present all the words that I analyse and re-reference.

I will explore nuances, implications, 'implicitness' (explained later,) and, like any dictionary, a number of potential meanings. I will also share prefixes, suffixes and 'control groups' (eg silent character sets.)

The meanings you will find in here will help your mind re-map to the Real, and even if you struggle to see it, these will expand and increase the flexibility of your mental structure.

This is my private archive of spells/words and while it's new for now, I have a backlog of updates that will be updated a bit at a time, ensuring constant fresh revelation and inspiration for you.  Further, it is important to muse, digest and play with these words/spells to maximise mental agility, and intuitive reach.

Every time new words come to me, which is an organic process rather than systematic, I'll get it on here.  Further, as a subscriber to my Spellbook, you get access to a special group forum and I'll accept specific spell analysis requests from you, and join you in discussions on that forum.

This is not a 'free' service and nor is it part of standard membership, but it is available for a one-time fee, after that, you have lifelong access.

While I have nowhere near the number of words just now, I am pitching myself next to the Oxford dictionary, who claim to be the 'ultimate authority' on the english language.  I don't think they are.  I think I have a better grasp than most 😉 (they charge £215+vat per year for personal access to their dictionary)

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