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But thats just in English!

I often get comments emailled/youtubed or from people in the audience saying 'But thats just in English'

I have to try REALLY hard to keep my patience on this one.

Mainly because I do understand, really, I do.  But it infuriates me all the same since I hear it time and time again.

First of all - I'm not stupid.  I know it's just in English.  I'd have to be a pretty arrogant/stupid sod to think that every word translated verbatim into every language in the world. I have students who speak many languages, but sometimes, you have to dig deeper than listening to a 1 minute clip or hearing the first few words of examples that I use before leaping in with such 'wisdom.'

I use polarised and simple examples just to get people started.  To get into the depths of the functions and specialisms of the various languages is a complex and profound aspect of the linguistic and spelling nuances of our species.  It's not how you start people off!

Two things to address - one is in relation to spelling in general across languages, the other is in relation to The First Word.  These are two points that I'll deal with separately because they are different.

Click here for spelling in General, read on for the First Word:

The First Word is NOT English.  Nor is it Spanish, nor Czech, nor Russian, Arabic, or any other damn language!

Just because 'God' happens to be a Name in English, (as Allah is a Name in Arabic and Brahma a Name in Hindu), the First Word is NOT A NAME!  Strictly speaking, it's the crossover sound/word from Sound to Word, where a sound doesn't necessarily refer to something while a word does, which is a point of the utmost interest to any linguistic philosophers.

Just because 'God' happens to be 2/3 correct (yes, that is 66.66666%), and the closest linguistically to The First Word,  it doesn't mean the The First Word I am suggesting is wrong.  If it upsets your sense of linguistic superiority or makes you think I'm suggesting some kind of linguistic superiority, I'm not.  I AM suggesting that languages are functionally different though, and some are better at some elements of referencing than others.

I'm just saying this just happens to be the closest Word to the Correct One, and it just so happens to be in English.

I didn't make it up, I'm just pointing it out to you, so please please PLEASE put down your linguistic upset and get it into your head that the FIRST Word is NOT a word in ANY language. This is difficult to grasp because you think in a language - almost all the time, so its difficult to think of a word that ISN'T in ANY known language.

The Word itself is Simple.  Healing the warped and distorted perception and perspective on languages, hierarchy, and mental alignment and understanding is not.

Of course, the First Word will turn up in most, if not all, languages somewhere.  If it isn't in yours, then don't look to me for an explanation - that is down to your languages capacity to reference What Is accurately, not anything to do with my interpretation being flawed or off the mark.

Now.  I hope we've put THAT one to rest.  Looking forward to all the rants from all the mentally superior know-it-alls who are ready to call me down - let me save you the time.  I'm not interested.  I've heard it.  Suspend what you know and consider what I am saying about The Word as it is and lets go from there.

It is genuinely New Paradigm and sits beneath your rational mental framework, which includes your entire linguistic and philosophical capacity, so none of those thought forms can help you, until you look at the entire premise.  So here is another piece of the puzzle for you.

So, if it isn't a Word as we know it, then what are we dealing with here?

We are dealing with a sound that is in an inseparable structural relationship with the world. The shapes which represent it are not linguistic, though they turn up in languages.

The shapes are standard in their function. The sound is standard in its function.  Your mental conditioning at a linguistic and philosophical level is not.  Getting you all to understand this, regardless of your mother tongue is not the easiest task in the world, in fact, it's one that has pissed me off for a decade, but thats only my frustration at getting through your conditioning, not the obviousness of the points I am actually making.

So, without further ado, lets look at the structural geometry of The Word so you can understand it.

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