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the Collectivists and the Individuals can get along…

the Collectivists (socialists, lefties, liberals, new agers, academics, globalists, activists etc) can get along with the Individuals (many who voted Trump / Brexit) and bring the mutually desired change to the world, but not until they accept their place in the worlds most oppressed minority group first : also as individuals (who then make choices of affiliation and association).

That's the first 'group' any of us belong to, only after that can you add in 'individual with limited mobility' 'individual who likes others of same sex' 'individual who wants to be a different sex through surgery' etc.

From that place of mutual individual respect, folks can collectivise as much as they want, but without the oppression and forced silencing of the right of the individual, which is currently what pretty much all o the above bunch want: to use the state and courts to forcibly silence people, and to forcibly make them behave in ways they do not want to to people of sensitive character or disposition due to their life choices and who are often locked in a 'victim mode' brought on by critical theory & toxic feminism impregnating the left.

That's the moment I am waiting for, when the collectivists reclaim their individuality (and let others have theirs) and stand free from the codependent lot. That the world I want.

Then the real fascist left will have been cleaned of those who are just standing there in confusion, kinda agreeing, kinda horrified (that was me until a few years ago), and they will be seen for the tiny faction they are - like the racists and bigots on the right.

I do not care where you like to rub your genitals. I do not care how you like to dress. I do not care if you want to genitally mutilate yourself to appease your own psychology. I do not care if YOU want to live in homogenised monoculture (go live in a big city).

But if you try to use the state to try to FORCE me to treat you or speak to you in some special way, or to be homogenised, then you are asking for trouble as my real thoughts and feelings will brew my petulant backlash against your bullying efforts.

and that is what is all over the media - the years of enforced cultural shaming of those who have natural reactions to being forced into something suddenly realising ;'they are not alone' and acting out in great relief and release.

Don't take it personally. Learn and adapt. What is going on is so very human: ugly, but honest.

Drop the window dressing and face the facts...humans have a lot baggage to work through and you cant just idealise it away with slogans and group hugs.

++ Take Charge, Be Positive ++

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