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the madness of the city states and academia over Brexit / Trump

There is so much babble on the web about ‘how could trump get in’ and ‘how could brexit happen’  and all these allegedly educated folks run around their cities trying to work out the psychology of it all.

You see, you cannot actually trust the opinion of people who live in city states, nor the students, to understand what is at stake with things like unbounded immigration.

Picture a restaurant or club in paris, London, prague, LA… or a university campus in the same: other than for the menu, you may not know where you are.  There is a homogenised monoculture already present in all the city state and university.   They have nothing to lose with such policies.  Nothing.

London is not indicative of ‘the UK’, nor is its racial mix, nor its culture.  Similarly neither is Paris of France, Prague of Czech, nor LA, DC nor NY of America.  Nor are the university campuses.

These city states and academic institutions have already lost their connection to the national heritages and so do not see anything lost with more people coming in.  Indeed, for them, there is nothing lost, for they have already lost it, or in the case of the city states, natives have never ‘had it’: instead living in the mini ecosystem of that city.

How can they be trusted with decisions of national sovereignty and international policy?  (I’m just mirroring back to those mental snobs who said that about ‘the racists’ and ‘the country folk’ and ‘the old’)

As for the millennials, well, they cannot really be considered national citizens for the most part – not to exclude them, but because most of them did not grow up playing out all day in the fields.  Most of them have been brought up immersed in television and the internet, making them global citizens by default, national citizens secondarily.

And if you look at the interests of many of them, that is indeed how their values seem to run:  global interest first, then local.

So, the two main groups that voted Democrat and Remain could not, if you ask me, be trusted with the vote due to their disconnection with the price.  I happen to know that many in academia have the same thoughts about the ‘backward rural folks’ who voted Trump and Brexit:  that they did not know what was at stake and perhaps should not have been trusted with the vote.

Funny that.

This was Part 2.

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