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The Myth of Patriarchy

If this is a ‘patriarchy’ we live in and are oh-so-often reminded of, then why is it the men who are collared, cuffed and tied?


You have been mislead somewhat by even the so-called ‘awake’ or 'spiritual' in their naivety and well-meaning spiritual piety, where they have missed the levels standing between ‘you here now’ and ‘spiritual oneness.’ It is innocent but misleading. It is not a two level affair, but a manifold multiplex of microcosmic layers that furl up to the macrocosmic whole. Yes, we are One, and Yes, you are Spirit in a body, but the Story is much grander and more interesting than just that!

Let’s get to the nub of Mens Issues. Not survival and knots, though those are useful. Not building and wrestling, though those are part. No, the nub is a total and complete mind-mash by society and culture to demonise you and make sure that you know you are the sex responsible for all the worlds woes, and to not trust your brother ‘cos he wants your woman, your money, your kit.'

Most people are not even aware of the levels this game is being played out on!  The nub is a mindgame down to the level of shape, character and spell that manipulates the very thinking tools you have so that the very ideas you come up with will be flawed, vulnerable and incomplete because the tools you were given were blunt and wonky, and the story of the world you were devising for are as skewed. This is the arrest of character development and it goes back further than any historian can tell you – because their mind is as hobbled too.


The Way of the Male is Coming

‘Be Be Be’, ‘accept the perfection of the now’ inhales blissfully the feminine Being energy in meditation classes and spiritual retreats all over the globe…. ‘I See that, but this needs to Change’, Comes the Masculine discriminative Charge energy. The energy of Change. The energies of Pointing and of Coming.

This is what the collars and cuffs are about. Using the masculine  Change energy to maintain a State, which is feminine.  State has collared the Change energy to maintain itself. Men wear collars, cuffs and ties as express representations of that.

Make no bones about it - I am talking about an exact mirror between the spiritual/cosmic energy of the manifesting Sole(soul)'s Coming and the edifices of State out in the world preventing it through the collaring of the men, and demonising gender at a lower level 'beneath the fig leaf.'

So effective is the collaring of the masculine energy that even the awakened struggle to come to terms with it. Even the men line up to judge and demonise their own sex, while they accolade the ‘resurrection’ of the‘feminines superiority’ in modern times, such is their woeful conditioning and misleading near-perfect.

May as well run back to mummies arms and suck our thumbs, whimpering and glad the women came to save the day!

It is a myth we are in a patriarchy if (Nanny) State is in dominance, out of balance with the current of Change.

Your Being, your acceptance, your receptivity, your feminine is accoladed and hailed as pious and virtuous by proponents of State.

But your Coming, your Change, your Charge, your action, is not welcome.  Those with true state-changing ideas are not well paid, not well supported or reported by State Media and are often defamed, sacked or deemed 'fringe' or 'alternative' to prevent there full penetration into the minds of the masses.

The energy of Coming is the masculine and it is the drive of spirit to penetrate matter. The pressure of Charge builds in every man on a regular cycle and this is unwelcome just about everywhere in culture (except when a female 'wants it',) and even the so-called spiritual will affirm their (alleged) sexual-desireless androgyny as a mark of their alleged spiritual superiority.

Pah and Blah! The testorone cycle of men will sweep upon them as relentlessly as the menstrual cycle of the woman is undeniable. But while women collect their blood in little pads and cups and flush them away when their ‘period’ is upon them, men secret themselves away for a quick (or not ;)) and spasmic shuffle, ridding themselves of precious Charge and pretending it was never there… reaffirming their ‘new maleness’, while their Coming fertilizes sewers and socks around the globe, until the cycle continues and the ‘period’ is over, until next time….It is worthy to note that woman are born with all their egg follicles, as testimony to 'state/form' while the new energy, the  charge of change comes from the men in a sperm made new every day.

The unwelcome of the Coming of Man in both culture and in partnerships is a DIRECT mirror of the hypocrisy in most peoples lives where, despite experiences, knowings, SEEings and insights, the feminine personality refuses to bow to welcome the pressure of the innermost spirits desire to penetrate this world IN BODY, by breaking old habits in two, by changing behaviour towards each other utterly (not just friends/like minded folks), by acting with the Power of Charge in our encounters in the world.

No, instead, in our effete know-it-all-isms, we talk about our experiences and insight, we talk about our charge and belief and we refer to our insights as magical, subjective, but fleeting…. Armchair experts allowing the ego of personality to claim the credit and retain control, while the frustrated spirit screams patiently, silently and unheard, its face as contorted as the ‘climax moment’ of all the men in their bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, at keyboards, and in front of screens as the temporary release from the Energy of Coming is granted them…secretly they mop up and compose themselves, pretending it never happened…

But the cycle of spirit is relentless, as is the renewal of sperm in the man. It will Come On, again and again, wave after wave until finally, we surrender…. And realise its exactly what we wanted and needed, and wasn’t at all what we expected.

No, The Coming of Man is not welcome – we are constantly told to Be, be be…accept accept accept…. Our feminine energy has been made so strong that the voice of change can never harness the power that lies behind it due to the inability of men to harness and master that force – the force of Charge/Change. Every time the charge of a young man spasms out in its infancy of expression, it is judged, bullied, ostracized and castigated. It can never blossom into its full beauty in such a cultural and family situation – the beauty that will blossom to meet the needs of Self, family, community and species given the chance. No, culture and socialization has made the blossoming and Coming of Man unwelcome and a subject to be scathed, all the while blaming and demonizing men for all the worlds woes despite the clean hands of every new life. In fact, many men I know will stand first in line to judge and blame their own sex, such is the power of the Collaring.

Similarly, the energy of Change is as unwelcome in our entropic State in the world. Discuss a change too dramatic or drastic, and one is bullied, jeered at, defamed or called derogatory names like ‘conspiracist,’ ‘environmentalist,’ ‘loon,’ ‘activist,’ 'terrorist,' and the like.

Men have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in relation to their gender energy and suppress it either to the point of denying it exists, or to only be vented in secret sessions or in 'approved outlets.' Culture would have it all repressed, but 'acceptably vented' in sport stadiums, pubs, game consoles, and in pornography, or suppressed, subdued and distorted with copiously available alcohol and drugs.... and we call that 'patriarchy'?

I seek the uncollaring of the men, the cultivation of the power to be off-the-cuff, and the blossoming of the masculine forces to their full form.  My gender events for men and to help that process.

Why not come along?  Check the events calendar or contact me for 1  to 1's.

Change State. State Change.

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