The Word

Are you ready for the biggest subject in history? The most important subject for a humanity aspiring to unity and peace is The Word.

Here is the best freely available introduction to The Word, though it is old now!  (I tend to do them 'live' now) .  It is the easiest route to 'getting my point' on this subject if you can't spend personal time with me.

There is no more important subject to a globalising human species than The Word. Further, The Word is the only true & complete way to fully integrate the personal inner and outer life of the individual modern integrating spiritual/energetic entity on this planet.

'what'? I hear the outcry... 'more important than tackling poverty, or ending war, or disease or corporate oppression of the people?'

Firmly and without hesitation, my answer is YES. That's why I now need to load this page with assertions, and caveats, before we actually get into the most liberating subject of all.....:

The Word is the only true route to achieving ALL of those things above and more.

The Word is the only way to unite a humanity that is hell bent on valuing the position and perspective of the elite and their 'gracious and magnanimous generosity' (cough, splutter, choke) as they invest time and money in 'solving' poverty, or war or disease, using Elite-level 'meetings' to determine what is and  what is not defined as 'solving' or a 'united humanity' or a 'united nations.'

That was a bit wordy, but then, thats because I have a complex view of the situation.

The time for achievements with the Wrong Word is nearing an end, and the only route forward requires an integration of what are currently disparate research, development and exploration avenues for humanity.  The Word is the only thing that can bring them together seamlessly, effortlessly and simply.

Wow! What a Claim, eh?  All from a Word, eh?  Must be a pretty special Word, eh?

Of course it is!

The Word we are referring to here is The Word From The Beginning (and no, I don't mean church-entities!), I mean AN ACTUAL WORD.

The Word from the Beginning I am referring to is The First Word - the very first word humans ever had.

The Word is the only true way to unite humanity, and the only way to fully unite mind, body, emotion and Sole/soul for the latinised mind - that is, anyone using the latin alphabet.

It could be a bit confusing here for a while, because I am correcting the work of a very effective, but flawed church and a bible riddled with scribes errors, where they have firmly embedded a social interpretation of certain terms in the social psyche, for example - the Word from the Beginning, or The Living Word, or The Cornerstone.

I reclaim and correct their usage of these terms in my work, but I acknowledge there is a period of mental confusion for some people who need to re-adjust their understanding to the obvious, natural and integrated meanings that I present.

Of course, some choose to rigidly hold on to what they were taught, but usually just as a result of the rigid fixation of their mental framework that prevents nimble agility at the fundamental levels The Word operates at/on, rather than from a fair and objective comparison of the rationales and differences.

Further, the 'leaning tower' of most westerners hobbled and mistrained mental frameworks cannot always sustain an adjustment of the magnitude of The Correct Word at the keystone/cornerstone level it functions, and as such, the mind will rigidly and self-detrimentally hold onto unnatural and unintegrated ideas in the established social framework ratherr than change at such a level.

These are the minds of the older that I am used to handling the rancid and vociferous attacks from - funnily, jews and masons seem to be the worst offenders when I thought Christians might be, they  do come third, but I expected them first!

OK - technicalities aside now, shall we just get on with this Word business?

No.  We won't.  The modern mind is such a know-it-all, so sure of its nimbleness within the limited social range that it thinks that nimbleness applies to all subjects, so the modern hungry aspirant will eagerly crave and pursue  'the quick hit' - looking for the quick soundbite that they can then add to the repertoire of 'look what I know.'

The Word is not like that and does not bow to the whim of the modern armchair expert-in-all-fields.

Before one can approach The Word, I need to introduce a few concepts first.

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