and The Word was with….

With my catholic/christian upbringing I had many aspects of the Bible repeated to me time and time again. I questioned many of them, looking for genuine explanation, and I was fed platitude after cliche after red herring.

Since my own journey revealed The Word to me, most of those questions have been answered, and with a reasonable, coherent, cohesive answer too. I shall share what I can in this limited format, in this case, addressing the concept of '...and The Word was With....' ie from John's opening words in his gospel that goes <insert deep chunky voice here> "In the Beginning Was The Word, and The Word was With xxx, and The Word was xxx."

I never got a decent explanation for this one at all! Here's one for you to consider:

Let's talk about carrots.  No!  Giraffes!  No no no!  Lets talk about the star Betelgeuse...

Okay...I'm willing to bet most of you are not in the room with carrots, giraffes or the giant star Betelgeuse!

That's because the words refer to those things, but the words are not those things.  The words are not with the things.  So you can speak of them and they don't need to be there, and speaking of them does not invoke, evoke or otherwise align you with them, other than in thought.

But when it comes to The Word, The Word that refers to all things at the same time, then it is not possible to speak It, or of It, without It being both the speaker, the medium of transmission, and the recipient.  It is not possible to speak of The Word without THAT being present, therefore, 'The Word Is With xxx.'

When the Correct Word is used in the correct way then it does indeed invoke, evoke and align you with THAT.

Simple, eh?





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