The Cornerstone

With my catholic/christian upbringing I had many aspects of the Bible repeated to me time and time again.  I questioned many of them, looking for genuine explanation, and I was fed platitude after cliche after red herring.

Since my own journey revealed The Word to me, most of those questions have been answered, and with a reasonable, coherent, cohesive answer too.  I shall share what I can in this limited format, in this case, addressing the concept of 'The Cornerstone' eg 'God'/Jesus is the Cornerstone.

I never got a decent explanation for this one at all!  Here's one for you:

Wikipedia cites

"The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure. (copied 23rd August 2014)"

and goes on to suggest that Jesus is the cornerstone of a faith.  When I was looking images for 'cornerstone' on google, I found many images that literally had 'Jesus is himself the chief cornerstone' or the like actually stamped on cornerstones (which weren't true cornerstones but decorative since they were laid higher up in the building.)

I would state here that I don't usually use Wikipedia for dictionary definitions, but am aghast that the Oxford dictionary provides no meaningful reference whatsoever and has a much 'dumber' definition with less scope than wikipedia offers  - I won't repost it, but you can look yourself.

I would suggest that the wikipedia suggestion of faith has some validity, but is incorrect.

The Word Itself is the cornerstone of Reality.  

It is not only First, but importantly, That Word 'determines the position of the entire structure,' ie everything is oriented around and as a result of The Cornerstone.

The Universal Umbrella

Every concept we have, every idea, every philosophy, every discovery lies within the concept named 'the universe,' even when we conceive of beyond the universe, the only concept we have is that of 'multiverse' or 'stacked universes', as if the 'universe' were the biggest building block we can conceive of.  So all our ideas are descriptions or references to subsets of reality, or fragments of the created whole.

We have no real  concept of what 'things' are 'beyond the multi/uni-verse*,' except deity  - or more specifically 'God' (in English, or Allah/Brahma/YHVH etc).  This is what makes Him/Her The Cornerstone: everything is contained within the bounds of THAT Container, be it conceptual or real to the reader.


So, in the instance of the word 'God', that would be the cornerstone of Reality, meaning that 'God was First' and that the rest of the manifestation, description and definition of the world is arranged in relation to That Word.  This is, indeed, the case for all modern law, social structure, and much of science and philosophy.  Even if a western culture now claims to have moved from a religious basis, I see no western culture that has replaced 'the cornerstone' with another. Even atheists and agnostics use their position in relation to God as their framework for reality, nestling themselves firmly still within the same 'container'

I like to consider it the 'umbrella concept' as the image shows, since everything is contained within/under it, so within the umbrella of the universe lies all human thoughts, discoveries, experiences and so on.  But outside the 'universe'? The Sole conceptual buffer we have against the howling no-thingness of the Void is 'God' and the equivalent Name in whatever language.

This buffer allows for the mind to retain a sense of sane exploration within manifestation/creation since without it, we are left with nothing but the impossibleness of how so many 'things' can have come from 'no thing.'

A Flawed Cornerstone

But if the Word is wrong?  If the Name in every language is wrong? If the cornerstone is skewed? Then every single thing is also skewed as part of the subsets of THAT mammoth container.  It means its all skewed.  Every idea, every reference, every description - all of it is flawed to the same measure that the cornerstone is flawed.  Like the leaning tower of Pisa, the whole thing will be on a wobble.

Of course, if the Cornerstone is a concept, then it doesnt really matter - its a bit like 'a rose by any other name would smell as sweet', but if it ISN'T a concept, if it is REAL, then our relationship with That Which Is Real is skewed, flawed and wrong.  The behaviour of the human species in relation to the whole of the rest of life and manifestation would seem to attest to this as being true - our relationship is clearly, and painfully, skewed, flawed and wrong.

Since I do suggest the Correct Word as a foundation of all my work and of the single most important subject for humanity as a whole, I of course am in the camp that The Cornerstone is REAL, and that The Word is referring to something REAL. That means that our ability to refer correctly, align correctly, relate correctly, and integrate correctly with the entirety of life, conception, each other and Deity Itself is fundamentally and foundationally related to having the correct reference.  Without the correct reference, we remain a leaning tower of Pisa of a species, peering askew at the rest of manifestation with a wall-eyed frustration of disconnection that I feel is manifestly obvious in the behaviour of just about every human faction and endeavour on the planet.

A Most Difficult Correction

Publishing and speaking of the Correct Word and Correct Cornerstone is easy, but it is not a Word like other words, and so it is not like changing the understanding people have of, say, collars and cuffs on a mans shirt, that's easy.  This is the Cornerstone, so attempting to adjust it is a most difficult affair where the recipient conceivers mind must adjust wholesale to incorporate it at a foundational/fundamental level.  The entirety of reality must heave, buck and adjusdt for the individual to either align with What Is Real, or remain in the leaning tower of peering observation of the world, but a forever-removed/remote observational position in relation to it.

From almost a decade of efforts at attempting exactly that, I can attest to the scale of the challenge. Superficial wordplay is easy, with instantaneous gains. Changing the Cornerstone of reality is a progressive affair.  I have experienced the whole range of reactions, from outright rejection, where I have seen faces screw up and vent angrily at me as the mind simply cannot deal with even an attempt to think of such a thing, to those who eagerly and enthusiastically grasp and SEE one aspect or another of The Word, to everything in between.  One thing is for sure, established 'believers' are the ones that struggle the most, for the correct Word really does call into question everything they have hinged their lives around and I feel deeply compassionate for them as they struggle to adjust their mind to conceive of something just slightly different from what they were told.

While I empathise, I am also ruthless on the subject of The Word as the Cornerstone and I am ever hardened as a result of the abuses and insults that have come my way from believers and non-believers alike, just because of their opinion 'at first glance' at the Word rather than undestanding the many many facets of argument that validate my position as being coherent from every angle there is, while all the arguments that come back my way simply have habit, 'mob rule of the mass' and 'thats what I was told' as their basis.

I have lived a decade as the seeing man in a world of the colour blind in relation to this subject, and the more abuse I receive rather than coherent counter-argument or alternative suggestion, just makes me feel ever-more validated. And for every piece of abuse and venom I receive, I get another email from someone, somewhere in the world, who speaks a different mother tongue from me, but who quietly comments on their position followed by 'and I think you may be onto something....'

Of course, I know I'm right, it's just I'm waiting about for you lot to catch up!

* Of course, for my thought-full readers, there is of course 'the void' as being beyond the universe, but since the void can contain no-thing, it can not contain concepts or references either. My personal feeling is as Buddha found - voidness is the fundamental nature of all things and I do believe/feel/experience that we are all void creatures, spun of no-thing into some-thing. As a point of thought, Space is not void as it has Space, void has NO SPACE which is why it can contain no-thing.

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