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The Wrong Shapes

Watch this free very basic introduction to Shapes.

Shapes are the foundation of thoughts.  Shapes, geometry and maths are the arms and legs of the mental body/aspect, just as feeelings/emotions are the limbs of the emotional body.  If this is a bit abstract for you, join today to explore Understanding The Bodies in one of my videos.

Shapes, when given context, become the numbers and characters of alphabets.  When these are ordered and referenced, they become words and spells of reference, and reverence (importance).

Words form your thoughts - your deepest and most important tools of reference.  With them, you express and share your innermost desires, your highest aspirations and express your most nuanced experiences, feelings and discoveries.

The fact you are taught the wrong shapes, and more specifically, secondary and tertiary shapes, as being 'basic,' it means your mind is one or two steps removed from the real world.  It produces the effect of disconnected mind, that is, a mind that is reflective/objective in relation to the world, but it is only partially a participant due to this basic layer of connection and relationship being missing.

This is astronomical in both the implication and the reality of its effects.

With the real and corrected basic shapes, the mind is able to 'enter Now' and become an integral participant with experience and life.  From this position, a layer that underlies language and rational thought, the arrest of character development and expression can begin to be repaired.  The layers above - maths, geometry, gender and character (alphabet) can be repaired/healed, integrated and then built on progressively and functionally.  This then gives space and capacity for the healing of expression, communication and mental processing.

I cannot stress enough how significant and important getting these basics right is.   Only once these are corrected can the rest be truly understood.  The level of manipulation, abuse and false teachings we have been subjected to is truly incredible.

Once the secondary shapes are explored and understood, and their prevalence in positions of power around the world are testament to the fact that this Shape knowledge is known by some, but has distinctly and definitely be suppressed and concealed.

If you would like to explore the next levels of Shapes, and further your understanding of the basic ones, then sign up, sign in and join an event or course that addresses them.

Learn the true, Natural Basic Shapes

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