Understanding Your Bodies

This is a unique and gentle programme to get to know yourself. To pick apart aspects of self that may be confusing you just now "why do I do this or that?"

Self-Mastery is not some quick fix, but a journey of meeting and exploring oneself to gradually unfold and reveal what we find. Of owning and integrating what is already there, like it or not, about us. It is through first acceptance, then exploration that we can achieve mastery, not by destroying aspects of self that we dislike or would like to pretend aren't there, but of transforming them.

There is a toltec adage "our weaknesses are the paths to our greatest strengths" They really can be our great strengths in disguise!

eg I used to be so triggered and annoyed at my mother for always picking on what was wrong in something I did, or an idea that I had, or something I wanted to do. I got so frustrated, seeing her as negative and pessimistic. In fact, she herself for years viewed herself like that for she was always doing it!

It was only recently that I finally realised, that that wasn't some neurotic habit to belittle my great plans, but she was showing me how strong she was at finding the weakspots in my plans or ideas, lightning quick - and the same for everyone she triggered like that, it was simply the way she was doing it that caused one response type.

If she instead reserved her lightning-fast insight at spotting flaws in plans or ideas and presented them in a different way, she could appear positive and helpful like a wise and insightful woman - sharp and in full capacity of clarity, instead she got the negative pole perspective - pessimistic fault finder.

Oh how I wish I could have seen that earlier! I could have been much nicer to her when I was younger and a lot less frustrated and angry!

From that example, you can see how by gaining insight and perspective in seemingly-innocuous habits, we can reveal great things about ourselves so we can re-orient ourselves within into a position of poise, power, presence and grace...but most of us are starting with a Rubiks cube of muddled needs, desires, abandoned aspects and a whole host of other ideas about ourselves and the world that needs gently tickled apart so it can be rearranged to reveal the Glorious You that is your potential!

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