What to expect in a one-to-one

When you book just a single 1-2-1 session or a series, you can be assured of personal attentiveness

A one to one takes place either in person, on the telephone or over an audio/visual messenger such as Skype. Email is also an option for those uncomfortable talking, but is not preferred.

Sessions will usually be one hour, but not always.  If a session reaches a natural conclusion or break point, then it is better to close it meaningfully than to sit 'filling space'.  Emails are charged on how long it takes to read/reply.

We can address either  a specific issue in your life, or look at a particular aspect of your personal development, mental unfoldment, or area of interest to you.  It should always be about LIVE issues and aspects in your life rather than just intellectual whimsy (mental masturbation), since live matters are about 'where you are at' rather than 'where you would like to think you are at' which is a trick the mind is all-too-keen on playing on us.

The format will be very like a therapy or counselling session, and, depending on what I SEE/Read in you, will be invocative, evocative or provocative.  That means I will try to guide you to your own realisation in an area with either information or exercises, or I will feed you with information and guidance, or I will seek to trigger you to new actions or behaviours.  There is no way to know beforehand what is most suitable.

If we engage in a series of sessions, for example, if you want personal spelling tuition or sound/alphabet/gender work, then we will work progressively towards your empowerment and mental and emotional healing.

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