Why some words/spells are easier to decipher than others

Some words are really easy to decipher and explore. Some are really not! Here I look at why

Some words are almost effortless to decipher and explore other implicit meanings of.

Now, this is where we move out of the Art of Spelling and into the Science of Language.  I use these terms very specifically.

The alphabet can be considered like the the periodic table of elements. Each unit has character and quality, this is why we call them 'the characters.' There are rules for their relationships, just like there are rules for how the elements of the periodic table interact.  Some just do not go together at all, others will go together, but only in certain languages.

Wikipedia seems to cite about 128 languages that use the latin script (it should be noted, a large number of them are 'conquered/invaded' nations of the British and Spanish empires of the past), and each will have its variances on acceptable relationships between characters. For example, in english, 'k' and 'd' just do not go together while in czech, they do. 

You can read more about the Science of Language here (link to come)

For now, the scientific correlation I would like to draw is the Hard and Soft bonds in compounds and molecules.

In language, we have the term syllable for the components of words.

For correlation, I will use the term syllabic molecule. 

Some syllables have very weak bonds between them. These are much easier to decipher and play with.  Others have very strong bonds, these are far from easy.

Just like in chemistry, the weak bonds require little energy to break up, but the strong bonds require massive amounts of energy and capacity to break up. Only in this instance, we are talking mental energy and capacity instead of thermal.

Let's look at a few examples to make it clear:


This is quite easy to break down, and, in fact, was probably one of the first mass-understood spellshifts in the last 25 years.

it clearly has two discernable words in its structure.  'Respons' and 'ibility'


++ Take Charge, Be Positive ++

/* ]]> */